Embracing Your Inner 8-yr Old Sense of Style

Embracing Your Inner 8-yr Old Sense of Style

When I was a little girl, my sense of fashion was dictated mainly by my mother. Occasionally, I helped pick out some clothes, but it was limited to the sale rack or consignment shops. While browsing the specified racks, I would always find the sparkliest, or the brightest, or the funnest items! Also, yes, I know it’s technically “most fun,” but I couldn’t pass up that alliteration. 

As long as the price was right, I would get the clothes I enjoyed, with the exception of being in my schools’ dress-code. Unfortunately, that limited a lot for me (no ripped jeans or cute tank tops, wah!), but I knew someday I could dress however I wanted.

When I was eight years old, I vowed to myself that someday I would create my dream closet. I loved the bubblegum pinks, the seafoam greens, the sparkles and sequins that shone in the light. From the pinkest pinks fashioned by Elle Woods, to the tallest heels worn by Blair Waldorf, even the sometimes-crazy creations of Jessica Day… I wanted it all!

Then I became a high-schooler, and like most teenage girls, we want to blend in. I started losing my love for bright colors and confidence when I learned that being called “Barbie” was an insult. I worried about being looked at when my outfit was fun or anything outside of the ordinary. I started dressing in black leggings or jeans, and went along with what everyone else was wearing, even if (deep down) it wasn’t what I really wanted to wear.

Here I am, now 25, finally realizing I can wear whatever the heck I want. And I deserve to dress as fun and crazy and bright as I please

I want you to be that way too!

Today we will be learning how to embrace our inner 8 year old sense of style. I have a three tips and tricks to make you feel your best and make you wear your best:


  1. Stop worrying about what others think about you. 

  2. Let go of how you think you should dress, and wear what you want to wear. 

  3. There are no rules to fashion.

I know they all sound similar, but that’s the point. All three of these statements go hand in hand in hand. I promise that after you are done reading, you will be inspired to 

1. Stop worrying about what others think about you.

Look, I get it. People looking at you can be scary. Hearing whispers of oh my gosh, what is that person wearing?! and that’s… odd can totally make you feel self-conscious. Even backhanded compliments like That’s cute on you, but I could never wear that hurts. 

People will always judge you… so what are you gonna do about it? I’ll tell ya: don’t care! 

Embrace your style with pride. Will wearing that bright orange feathered shirt get sideways glances? Probably. What about your purple zebra striped pants with rhinestones? Most likely. But you will be doing yourself an extreme disservice if you are too worried about others judging your style instead of wearing what makes you feel beautiful. Next time you pick out that crazy cooky pair of shoes, think about how the younger you feels. If they are sqealing with joy… you deserve to wear it!

2. Let go of how you think you need to dress and wear what makes you feel good!

Trends come and go. Maybe you don’t like what is in style right now. For example: I don’t like wearing super tight dresses. I have tried and tried to buy them and learn to love how my body looks in them… but each time I end up sticking it in the back of my closet and eventually donating it without even taking the tags off. Instead, I learned to dress how I wanted, even if it was different. I will be the one at a dive bar wearing pink and green 70’s inspired pants, even though all my friends are in black. 

You deserve to let your personality shine without fear. Embrace what you love! Wear what makes you feel good, even if no one else is wearing it. Not only will you feel amazing, but you will inspire others around you to embrace their own personal, unique style. 


Okay, I’m sure one of you is thinking There are too rules! What about no white pants before Memorial Day? Yes, that’s a “rule”... but no one follows it anyway!

What about you can never be overdressed or look out of place. I know what you’re thinking… that statement is false. You totally can. Am I going to go grocery shopping in a fancy dress? Will I go fishing in hot pink pants? 

And to that I say… why not? Who made the rules? THERE ARE NO RULES! 

Throw the fear of looking different in the trash. Buy the different thing and wear it to something ordinary. If it makes you feel pretty or strong or happy… wear it no matter what!

For the record, your style is whatever you want it to be. I joke about not wearing black, but if you love wearing dark colors… you wear it! I’m just more of a crazy color girl. 

One last thing… These rules don’t just apply to fashion. Remember these in all the aspects of your life. It will make living life so much fun. Embrace your inner 8 year old in all aspects: Be worry free, break the rules, and do what makes you happy. 

Just remember to do it… while looking fashionable and fearless! 




Check out three of our favorite fits that your inner 8-yr old self would love to wear!

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Love love love this!!! Having two little girls I hope and pray they have confidence that I didn’t have growing up!!


Yes!! This blog spoke to me! Thanks girl!!!


Love this!!

Kristen Olinger

Ugh we love the vibes! I was very much so the same in that my clothing choices were limited to local charity shops here in the UK and with my student budget it still very much is, but I’ve gotten savvy and my wardrobe is full of the wacky and wonderful vibes of a gangly victorian child meets sexy librarian and it fills me with joy! LET YOUR INNER CHILD DRESS HOWEVER THE HELL THEY WANT!!!


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