Fourth of July Looks That Can Be Worn Again and Again

Fourth of July Looks That Can Be Worn Again and Again

It’s almost that time of year for fireworks…and I’m not talking about that feeling when you make out with your crush which is also amazing. No, I mean the Fourth of July baby! The 4th is always a little bittersweet for me. Summertime is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. Students are out of school, there’s a buzzing energy in the air, the scenery is green, blooming and beautiful, jean shorts and tank tops are a statement dress code, and everyone is making plans to travel or do something fun. There’s a youthfulness that is upbeat and exciting.

Then the fourth of July hits and you suddenly realize not only where in the heck did the summer go, but also that it’s more than half over. After the fireworks extinguish, everyone is over the summer heat, preparing to go back to school and that sense of excitement dissipates. But until it does, live it up and enjoy every moment. Carpe diem as they say. Buy those star rimmed sunglasses and sparkly red, white and blue headbands they sell in the gas stations. Blow your check on the biggest fireworks, even!

But don’t stress over what to wear. If you want to make a statement, DO! We have curated several outfits that scream American Sweetheart, American Honey and Patriotic Babe that not only will have you feeling HOT (no pun intended ), but also looks you can wear again and again after summer comes to an end.


Wear for 4th of July….and to the beach 

Crochet pieces are trending people! No longer do they say my grandma made it sitting in her sunroom with her cat on her lap. No offense Grandma. This matching crocheted set has stripes of red, pink and beige for a subtle patriotic look. We all know how hot it can be before the sun goes down and the fireworks are set off so this set will keep you looking oh so trendy while being cool by the pool. The halter top has extra ties on the side waist for a fun detail that you can tie many different ways and the shorts have a shorty fit and a drawstring to cinch up. Both are stretchy for a comfortable fit on most body types.

But picture this. A White Claw in your hands, a sun hat, your favorite sunnies and you in this matching set on the beach with your toes in the sand. It’s the kind of outfit you take pictures in on the boardwalk and along the pier. You know the day you spend on the beach when you aren’t swimming in your bathing suit. An added plus with matching sets is they don’t have to be worn together. Try pairing the halter top with our popular Distressed Kan Can Daisy Dukes or wear the shorts with our Chill Out (Red) Tank Top.


Wear for 4th of July….and out to brunch with your fam


You say sundress, we say brunch! Brunch has a sense of innocence to it. Like it’s light and airy and dainty and sweet. It’s for the girl that likes to sleep in but still loves breakfast and mimosas. It’s for a 10 am meal with your beloved Grandmother that you sip tea with and admire her sense of poise and grace. It’s the type of gathering and event you simply wear a dress to. Our Royal Blues Babydoll Dress is just the type of dress for either a summer BBQ on the Fourth of July, or to a spring brunch with your family!

The royal blue dress has such a cute look because duh, polka dots. But also, the ruffled shoulder straps, sweetheart neckline and empire bust make for just a perfectly adorable babydoll style dress. It has a side zipper too for easy slip on and is fully lined for a quality piece that can be worn over and over. To really make the royal blue color pop, wear with gold accents like our Classy Girl Earrings and white and gold Yours Truly Chunky Platform Sandals.


Wear for 4th of July….and to an early fall bonfire

It’s obvious this Summer Love Gingham Dress is giving American Honey but paired with the Star Girl Red Denim Jacket gives it a little bit of edge. Any clothing piece that’s gingham is the print of summer. A classic adorable checkered print with a fabric that is 100% cotton. The bust is smocked and has a cutout in the waistline and back for a teasing little look. It also has adjustable spaghetti straps and a super playful skirt. Though this dress is fully lined because it’s 100% cotton, it will keep you cool in the summer sun, but warm when the cool summer nights hit in the early fall.

Pair this dress with our red jean jacket and you have a cool patriotic look. The jean jacket has white printed stars on it, buttons up with two front pockets and an edgy raw hem. It has a casual/oversized fit too. Such a statement jacket that’s perfect for a holiday look like Fourth of July, Memorial Day weekend, Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day.

This whole outfit can be worn together with our Natalie Western Boots to a bonfire hosted in the early fall when the nights are just starting to get chilly but the days are still warm. The look still gives patriotic, but wear on Labor Day to recycle. Or if you’re still thinking it’s too much together for a bonfire, wear the red jean jacket with blue denim like our Errand Day High Waisted Tapered Jeans and a basic tank like our Chill Out (Ivory) Tank Top. This makes it like you’re trying without really trying, and given red can be worn June through February, it’s no big deal to wear again and again.


Wear for 4th of July….and to a baby shower

As we mentioned before, we love gingham print in the spring and summertime. Don’t know what it is about tiny little checkers that says this, but it’s notorious. Our sexy little American Sweetheart Halter Dress is unique with it’s halter strap neck tie, sweetheart neckline, cinched waist, and ruffled flounce on the skirt hemline. It’s sexy for sure, but has an innocence to it too. You can definitely wear it to a patriotic event because of it’s summertime appeal, but you can also wear it to a baby shower because of it’s innocence appeal. And we aren’t just talking about if you’re a guest to the baby shower which is obvious, but if you’re also carrying a baby boy too! Because of the flowing skirt, there’s flexibility in belly size of course. The back of the bust/waist is also smocked for a stretching and forgiving fit. Whether you’re going as a guest and bringing a gift, or going as a mother-to-be and opening gifts, this dress will be comfortable and cute. For added comfort without sacrificing cuteness, wear our Life is a Picnic Sneaks if you’re the mother-to-be. Otherwise, we also love it with our Carmelicious Chestnut Platform Suede Sandals too.


Wear for 4th of July….and to a country concert

Hellllllooooo Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and Cole Swindell. Our So Over It Red Denim Romper gives a patriotic look in an obvious sort of way, but it also screams country concert outfit! Can you not see yourself wearing it downtown for fireworks and to a country concert too whether it’s this summer, fall or winter? You clearly need to wear it with western boots like our silver Natalie Western Boots and a cowgirl hat to really complete the look of course. And to make it more country chic with a touch of wild west, pair with our Elegant Cowgirl Earrings. The earrings add a subtle pop of color to the bold red denim. The romper has elastic in the waist for a cinching, fitted look, has a collared neckline, puff sleeves with a snap button to accommodate arm size, and has a zipper up the center. PLUS it has POCKETSSS!!! We all know pockets in a romper make it an automatic yes. If you're going for a more patriotic summertime look, then you have to wear our Coca-Cola imitation post earrings.


Wear for 4th of July….and as a guest to a winter wedding  

Royal blue sequins are clearly making a statement for Fourth of July. I mean the shining lights of the fireworks will just reflect so beautifully off of the sequins! If by chance you’re in a northern state where the nights are still cool on the 4th, you’re a make a statement kind of girl, and you love girly girl dresses like a babydoll style with balloon sleeves then this dress is yours for the wearing. It’s giving a royal and regal patriot babe. This dress is fully lined too for an all-night, no itch wear.

While we can totally see the holiday appeal, it would also make for a stunning wedding guest dress in the wintertime. Because of the long sleeves and lining, you’ll be able to keep warm even if there’s snow on the ground. You won’t pull focus from the stunning bride in white either…well you won’t pull too much focus anyways. It would be even cooler if the wedding was a New Year’s Eve wedding because if we may throw in another event, New Year’s Eve is a third time you could rock it. The sequins reflect the light and give a shine and shimmer to the dress, so we recommend pairing with silver accents like our Virtue Necklace and Flirty Girl Silver Bow Tie Heels. If you’re wearing the dress for Fourth of July though, we obviously recommend wearing our North Star Earrings for a patriotic finishing touch.


Wear for 4th of July….and for date night

Nothing says summer nights like a gingham print mini skirt with embroidered white stars. Because of this, we are really feeling this Picnic Under the Stars Mini Skirt for Fourth of July. After the smoke settles from the fireworks, you’ll want to curl up next to your honey on the blanket in the grass and just gaze at the stars together. Maybe get some champagne and strawberries too. How romantic right?

Speaking of romance, this mini skirt duals as a date night skirt. It’s a mini skirt so it’s super flirty, but the ruffled detail adds a little bit of alluring cuteness too. The skirt has a black lining and a 1.5 inch elastic waistband that allows you to wear it high waisted or on your hips depending on preference. If you’re going for the patriotic look then pair with one of our white or red tank tops. If you’re going for the flirty date night look, then pair with our Dare to Dream Ruffled Tank top, with spaghetti straps in either black or magenta. It adds I’m ready to play feel. We also love it with our Tied Up With You Wedge Heel or Texas Cowgirls.


We all love the fourth of July vibes and outfits for sure. But we just wanted to show you that you can look stunning and stand out with a patriotic look that can be worn over and over. Most often we get tired of purchasing expensive pieces that make for great statements but can only be worn one or two times. Don’t stress! If you find the right pieces like the ones we’ve shown you above, you can still show your patriotism and get your money’s worth.

Take care my fashionable babes and have a Happy Fourth of July, whatever your plans may be!


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