My Best Friend's Wedding: Dress Options

My Best Friend's Wedding: Dress Options

It’s that time of year when the front of your refrigerator is a collage of upcoming wedding invites. And while most of them you either check the “not coming” on the RSVP or don’t even reply, but there are inevitably a few you will be sending in your dinner choice and mark the + one. These are the weddings you’re most excited for. Whether it’s a family member finally tying the knot after a long engagement or your college roommate marrying a mutual friend; it’s a festive and happy time.

You’ll be ready to do the cha cha slide, have a much-needed piece of cake after a few too many drinks, and most importantly take pictures with the happy couple. To be picture ready though, you’ll need to look fabulous. Well not too fabulous obviously…I mean it’s the bride’s day, not yours. However, depending on the type of people the bride and groom are, you could be attending a backyard ceremony in the summer sun or one inside a fancy 5-star hotel. If you are unsure what is appropriate, keep reading. We have given five different types of weddings and put together some perfect pieces that will be appropriate, comfortable, and of course, fabulous.


Wedding Type #1: BOUGIE

We all have that rich friend or family member you know is going to be spending their life savings and go all out on the most bougie wedding ever. We are talking crystal champagne flutes, white linen table clothes, pale pink roses, chandeliers, and a jazz band. Nothing says rich and classy more than a silky, little slip dress. For all my blondies out there, try our As If Blush Slip Dress. The blush color is so dainty, but chic and alluring too. It looks beautiful on blonde hair, blue eyed divas. For all my brunettes and tanned goddesses, try our Sweet & Tangy Mandarin Slip Dress. The mandarin color pops with dark hair and skin. It also says I’m classy but down for a good time. Both would pair perfectly with our Flirty Girl Silver Bow Tie Heels and Classy Girl Hoops. If you’re thinking of gold details, try our Anything but Square Post Earrings. If you’re going with the blush dress, our Translucent Pearl Mini Purse, but if you’re thinking of the orange dress, then try our Creamsicle Quilted Tweed Bag.


Wedding Type #2: COUNTRY CHIC

No matter where you’re from in the US, you’ll probably get an invite for a country themed wedding at some point. Hopefully not the kind where the groom wears jean overalls and a bandana, but hey, every family has a black sheep in their farm. If that is the case, no judgment of course, but it really gives a whole new meaning to the “chicken dance.” No but seriously, I’m talking about the country chic type wedding where the groom is a sexy cowboy or farmer, the bride rides out side-saddle on a horse, and the reception is hosted in a barn with strung up lights. It’s usually the type of wedding where you couldn’t imagine a happier, good couple getting married, and there’s that one groomsman that’s so happy for the couple that he cries during his best man speech (questionably from too many pre-dinner beers).

This is the wedding you’ll most definitely need to wear western boots to. Our Natalie Western Boots are the perfect party boot for a wedding because they’re comfortable, chic, and a silver metallic color so they go with SO many outfits. For an appropriate dress, there are two fabric choices you can’t go wrong with: denim and gingham. Our Southern Belle Pink Denim Dress will make you feeling like a Nashville Barbie Girl. We love it with a pop of color for accessories like our Elegant Cowgirl Earrings too. And always as a bonus, and especially at a wedding, this dress has pockets!

If you’re a little bit more edgy than girly girl, then our Tom Sawyer Gingham Dress is the way to go. With the black and white checkered gingham print, it gives a more edginess and can be worn with many different colored boots, like our faux-suede, beige Texas Cowgirls. This dress is fully lined for comfort, and the ruffled detail in the waistline opens up in the back. This shows just a touch of skin and has a backyard barn dance feel, which is exactly what you want as a guess to a country chic wedding.


Wedding Type #3: CLASSIC CHURCH

This is probably the most common wedding you’ll attend, and honestly the easiest to dress for. These are for the happy couples that are more traditional and host their ceremony in a beautiful church lined with colorful bouquets of flowers and draping tulle in each church pew. Following the ceremony comes a reception at a laid-back venue that could easily be the ballroom of a hotel or a VFW. Regardless, you’ll want to look good in and feel good too. It’ll probably be a long day, so instead of going with a dress, you’re better off wearing a romper.

Our Just a Fling Fuchsia Romper is everything you’re looking for. It’s incredibly comfortable with its super quality fabric and it literally looks good on everyone. It has a cinching waist, and the front has the appeal of a dress, but you won’t have to worry about tearing up the dance floor later. It looks so cute with our Clearly Mine Earrings. This romper can be worn many times too, to different events as it is very versatile.

If you’re a sucker for floral prints, then you might just die if you see our Bless My Blooms Romper. The print is so vibrant and eye-catching, which is still allowed even if you aren’t the bride ya know. This romper also has the appeal of wearing a dress with the layered flounces, but is definitely more comfortable. The puff sleeves and sweetheart neckline makes for an overall adorable little fit. Use our Take Me Out Studded Clutch Bag for a touch of edginess.


Wedding Type #4: OUTDOORS

Many couples love the outdoors vibe and live in a climate that actually supports hosting one outside in the beautiful spring or early fall. Most likely not the Midwesterners but we know of a few still. The wedding ceremony may be in a garden where the couple exchanges vows underneath a wooden archway. We aren’t talking about the country folk either where the reception is held in a barn but instead is hosted underneath a huge white tent with big round white linen covered tables and glorious floral centerpieces. With this type of wedding, you’ll want to dress cool and comfortable obviously, maybe a little casual too, but always cute. We have two looks in mind for just the occasion.

This first dress is for a more laid-back setting. If the couple are chill people and their parents are the hug everyone kind with a down to earth attitude, you’ll want to wear our American Sweetheart Halter Dress and Carmelicious Suede Platform Sandals. Together with silver jewelry you have an easy, cool, and cute outfit. The dress material is 100% polyester which is very silky on your skin and the halter strap is so comfortable as you won’t have to worry about readjusting any straps or strapless dress. The light blue and white checkered print would be perfect for an outdoor spring wedding too.

However, if you think the weather temperature will be closer to the 80’s or 90’s, you might want to consider a 100% cotton dress like our Take Notice Sleeveless Dress. The Kelly green color is more for summer given its brightness but could also be worn in early fall. This dress is unique even though it’s a solid color because of the square neckline and corseted/fitted waist. The waist actually has boning for structure and gives a beautiful shape. Always a bonus when the dress has pockets too! Your best bet is to slick your hair back in a chic ponytail, pair with gold jewelry to make the green pop, and our Yours Truly Chunky Sandals for comfort without sacrificing class.


Wedding Type #5: FUN!

This obviously will be the most fun to not only attend, but to dress for too. Gloves are off people and life is too short for boring clothes, so here is your time to go all out. This is the type of wedding that’s hosted in a unique venue like an art museum or zoo and at their reception they have ice cream instead of cake with karaoke for their guests at the after party. The kind with a betrothed couple that’s full of life, a little bit quirky, warm and so much fun to be around. For this type of wedding, you better be wearing a bright color or sequins baby! Our Fearless Layered Tulle Dress fits the bill. It screams I’m here for a good time and not afraid to show it. The vibrant layers of tulle will be the life of the party too. This dress is fully lined with adjustable straps so you won’t have to worry about it being itchy or uncomfortable. Good news it also pairs great with many heels, but we think silver goes best.

If you want something a little wilder, try our Cotton Candy Sweetness Dress. The multicolored sequins have a shimmering vibrant pastel look that couldn’t be more fun but make the hem line fringe sequins and it takes it to the next level. Such an exciting and entertaining look that shows you’re not afraid to take risks and will be waiting at the bar for shots of tequila with a lemon wedge. If you really want to make it an interesting look, you can wear our Penelope Combat Boots and not only be comfortable but edgy and cute too. Life is your oyster babe. LIVE IT UP!


Hope this helps give you inspiration if you have any doubts about what to wear to all your weddings this year. Regardless, be safe, have fun, and always strive to look and feel not only your best, but FABULOUS! Cheers to the happy couples!








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