What to Wear on Easter Sunday

What to Wear on Easter Sunday

I can’t believe Easter is right around the corner… and I am so excited! Easter brings delicious candy, the resurrection of Jesus, and Springtime clothes! If you are like me, you need a cute outfit to show off on Easter Sunday, and that means it’s time to go shopping!

Easter seems to always be that day where the pressure to find the perfect outfit is on. I totally get it, and I’ve been there! Have no fear, I have cultivated 12 different outfits for you to wear depending on your plans. Whether you are going to brunch, church, or just hanging out, 

Depending on what you do, I have just the outfits for you! Read below to find out your perfect Easter style. Bonus: all the items are linked <3 

For the Babe going to Brunch with The Girls:

Number 1


If you want your girlfriends to swoon and gasp and beg to know where you got your outfit, these looks are perfect for you.

Nothing screams bottomless mimosas more than this outfit! I can taste the bubbly. Featuring Life in Pink’s very own Goldly Locks Satin Skirt (or Ice Queen Skater Skirt) and Floral Bustier Ruched Crop Top. Pair this outfit with sandals or even a pair of chunky heels! If it’s a little chilly outside, throw on your favorite jean jacket or fluffy cardigan to make this outfit warmer.

Number 2 

Another brunch idea for the goddess feeling a little more pizazz, this outfit is for you!

Lavender boots and matching jacket!? I mean, come on! The perfect spring staples. Our sequin strapless top is the perfect head turner, and every girlfriend of yours will be dying to know where you got it. What makes the purple pop even more is it's paired with white denim shorts. If it’s chilly where you are, sub the shorts for a pair of white or blue jeans for extra warmth without sacrifice of style! 

Number 3

Florals for Easter? Groundbreaking? Why yes, it truly is when you are wearing this Bless My Blooms Romper. The fact that it’s a romper means you can dance all you want without fear of flashing anyone. The print is eye-catching and puff sleeves are adorable. You can dress this up with platform heels or down with slip-ons. 

For the Babe going to Church with The Family:

Church on Easter Sunday is arguably one of the most (if not THE most) important service of the year, meaning everyone you know will see you. That means you have to look your “Sunday Best!” 

Number 4

This dress is literally the definition of Enchanting. With the gorgeous peach color, shimmer detail, and puff sleeves, you will unquestionably be feeling absolutely stunning. You can wear this dress with any type of shoe you want– your favorite flats, your most daring heels, even your comfiest pair of sneaks! Lastly, secure your favorite, daintiest necklace around your neck, and you have the perfect outfit. 

Number 5

You might not be breakin’ hearts in our Breakin’ Hearts Babydoll Dress, but you will definitely be blushing from all the compliments you’ll get! Pink is the perfect shade for Easter, but you can rock this color year-round. Pair it with boots like these, your favorite pair of stilettos, or even a comfy pair of flats. Don’t forget your statement earrings, like hearts or these stars!

Number 6

If you love Jesus, but not dresses, this outfit is definitely more your style! This babydoll style peplum top is adorable and is fully lined. What's great is you can easily wear with a pair of simple jeans and casual sneakers. This outfit will translate nicely to a family lunch!

For the Babe Hanging out at Home:

If your big plan on Easter is to sit at home, eat some candy, and relax… these outfits are for you! To some people, Easter Sunday is just another day. I totally get that, but you still deserve to look and feel your best! Check out the looks below:

Number 7

This matching set is cute and comfy, and you won’t want to take it off. Even if you end up having to run to the store or meet your parents for dinner… you won’t have to change! This outfit will look just as cute outside of the house. Links: Top, Shorts, Earrings.

Number 8

This matching set is blue-tiful. See what I did there? This ribbed workout set (top & bottoms) isn’t just for the gym (although you will look stunning while sweating), but also perfect for relaxing. Plus, it’s stretchy, so you can eat all the chocolate you want without having to unzip your pants! Throw on a cute jacket and pair of sneakers to transform it into a cute errands outfit. 

Number 9

If you don’t get these joggers… I will! Lie on your couch feeling like Lady Gaga in these pink pants. These joggers have two front pockets with and a zipper and snap front for a fun, quirky look. Wear a plain black top for a more casual look, a graphic tee, or a sequin shirt to make it really pop! Even though you’re relaxing at home, you will definitely find an excuse to run to the store in this outfit so everyone can see just how hot you are!

For the Babe having a Casual Get-together:

Church or Brunch is over, next stop… hanging out with family or friends! Here are some outfits to inspire you:

Number 10

Your favorite Auntie is going to love this outfit on you! Our Spring Dream Floral Blouse is comfy and flattering, and pair it with these Reckless Destroyed Light Denim Jeans or denim shorts. Our gorgeous model is rocking our Texas Cowgirls boots which tie into this outfit perfectly. Bonus: This outfit is not just for Easter, but a perfect look year-round!

Number 11

Hi, um, you are THE CUTEST! Our Cotton Candy Checkered Cardigan (say that five times fast) is absolutely fun and flirty and oh so cute. Brighten this outfit with a pair of white jeans or make it funkier with purple leggings. Hillary is wearing our Head in The Sky earrings, but if you aren’t a fan, throw on your favorite gold hoops and then layer a few gold necklaces to really make the cardigan pop!

Number 12

Here is one last casual outfit idea! There is nothing wrong with a good basic shirt. This Missy Dear Short Sleeve Sweater is the perfect shade of pink, and our High Waisted Tapered jeans are fitting and flattering. Wear some beautiful statement earrings (like the Astro Girl Star Earrings our gorgeous model is wearing), throw on your favorite bracelets, and be ready to chillax all day!

I hope these outfits have taken the stress out of Easter shopping for you! No matter what your plans are, you will look STUNNING in anything. Find all of our clothes linked for an easier shopping experience, or check out everything we have at shoplifeinpink.com.




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